About Lotta AI

About us

Where Ingenuity Meets Imagination: The LottaAI Genesis Story

Innovative Magic: LottaAI's Birth

Magic happens when daring creativity collides with boundless innovation. That explosive reaction sparked the birth of LottaAI. We’re a tribe of visionaries, changemakers, and digital pioneers, united by a shared passion to push possibilities. Every day, we break molds, defy norms, and blur lines—all in pursuit of groundbreaking solutions.

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Our Origins: From Humble Startup to AI Trailblazer

Ours is a story of evolution. We began as Qikmo and then Lotta Digital, a small but spirited team of web designers. As technology advanced, so did we. Soon, the transformative power of AI captured our imagination. We realized its potential to take our capabilities to new heights. And so LottaAI was born—a next-gen agency founded on the belief that human creativity and AI's capabilities make an unstoppable pair.

The Driving Force: Our People

LottaAI is only as strong as its people. That’s why we’ve curated a team of wildly original thinkers and makers. Our group hails from across the globe, each bringing their own flair. But a shared drive unites us—the urge to challenge conventions and reinvent the possible. Every day, we brainstorm, experiment, and create at the bleeding-edge, never settling for the status quo. For us, boundaries exist only to be broken.

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The LottaAI Difference: Where Tech Meets Humanity

What sets us apart? It’s simple—we put people first. We believe AI should enhance, not replace, human endeavor. That’s why our experts always lead the way, closely collaborating with our AI. This balances cutting-edge innovation with authenticity and soul. We fuse tech and touch for digital experiences that pop with personality. In short, we create not just for humans, but with them.